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20130826: Points to consider before consenting on genome and exome sequencing


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 The genome sequencing of an albino Western lowland gorilla reveals inbreeding in the wild. BMC Genomics.

20130701: Jonathan Rothberg leaves Life Technologies

20110324: Multiple myeloma genomes sequenced: Nature

20110201: Three new ant genomes sequenced and reported in PNAS: Draft genome of the globally widespread and invasive Argentine ant (Linepithema humile)

20110127: University of Colorado gets funds for genome sequencing from the government

20101009: Paris japonica logo openfree.gif The largest genome size known today: Paris japonica: ⇒ Genome size

20100907: Turkey logo 2.gif Turkey genome sequenced 20100907Bird genome 

20100818: Scripps logo openfree 1.gif Sanofi aventis logo1.gif Scripps, Sanofi Personalized Medicine Pact to Focus Initial PGx Research on Diabetes, Aging 20100810:Accumulation of mutations over the entire mitochondrial genome of breast cancer cells obtained by tissue microdissection

20100711:Theragen Totalomics Solutions LaunchedGenome sequencing product 

20100623: African Genomics project launched

20100427: GET conference Boston by PGP Boston, 27th April. 

20100419: Personal Genomics Institute establishedGenome Institutes 

20100401: IonTorrent ion-sequencing machine announced publically 

20100330:The first fully public female human genome: Rosalynn Gill: PGP9. 20100330. 

20100325: The dynamic genome of Hydra Nature. 2010 Mar 25 ⇒ Animal Genome 

20100315:The Human Genome Rights Declaration. 20100315 ⇒GenomeEthics 

20100310: Whole-Genome Sequencing in a Patient with Charcot–Marie–Tooth Neuropathy 

20100126: GATC Biotech Purchases HiSeq 2000 Instrument. . ⇒GenomeSequencer 

20100303: Theragen Inc. launched a personal genome typing service similar to 23andme's. However, the product was  withheld due to legal issues. 

20100121: Panda logo tr openfree 2.jpg The sequence of Giant Panda genome assembled de novo by NGS by BGI. 

20091230: Theragen Inc. in Korea launches commercial full genome and SNP chip personal genome service. The first in Asia

20090928: Potato genome draft announced

20090810: A Caucasian human genome was sequenced by Helicos single molecule sequencer.

20090805: Recurring Mutations Found by Full length Sequencing of an Acute Myeloid Leukemia Genome (AML). N  Engl J Med

20090802: The complete genome sequence of Triticum mosaic virus is published in Arch Vriol.

20090730: Crocodile genome map published in BMC Genomics.

20090727: A new multiplex sequencing method published by MPI group for highly degraded DNA fragments. Cave  bear mitochondria

20090724: DNA Sequencing and Array Drive 8% Growth for Roche in First Half of 2009. 454 GS FLX and Nimblegen. [1]

20090724: BGI (Beijing Genomics Institute) in China participates in orchid genome (Phalaenopsis equestris) sequencing. [2]

20090716: Navigenics Lowers Health Compass Price to $999 USD. [ lowers-health-compass-price-1k]

20090716: Celera Uses Automated Workflows for Genomics [3]

20090716: A draft genomic sequence for a worm, Schistosoma japonicum, was published.

20090716: Genomes Of Parasitic Flatworms Decoded: Schistosoma mansoni and Schistosoma japonicum [4]


20110214: Prostate cancer genomes sequenced by Broad and Dana Faber: 20110214